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    3X revenue increase

    I increased revenue 3X on my boutique blog on beauty and cosmetics, thanks to Cost2Profit. Initially, I faced an arduous task of guesstimating the effectiveness of my Google Ad campaigns. I spent thousands of dollars a month, but never really knew the return. However, Cost2Profit changed things for me dramatically; it empowered me to shift spend from non-efficient to the most efficient sources of traffic. I now know what visitors from specific campaigns are looking for, and I can target them better with creative and CTAs.

    Samantha Carlton


    +105% improvement in ROI

    I am a photographer and painter. While I do not participate in affiliate programs, I sell my own art on the website. Cost2Profit has been incredibly helpful in narrowing down the most efficient sources of traffic. I used to spend a lot of money on Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and Google Ads, but never really knew whether that traffic converted. Cost2Profit allows me to “tag” each source of traffic, so I have a better overview of performance. Because I was able to shift my budget and increase revenue, I see 105% stronger returns on my investment.

    Andrew Right