Cost2Profit Integration

Cost2Profit works with WordPress out of the box after installation and set-up.

If you run other website than WordPress jump here.

Integrated WordPress plugins

Cost2profit is fully integrated with WordPress out of the box. However to take a full opportunity of tracking you need some WordPress affiliate plugin to manage your affiliate links.

Need to integrate another plugin?

We are open to integrate more plugins. In most cases you can order an integration right away.

Request an integration from 49 USD right now!

Integrated Affiliate Networks

YES. We believe any affiliate network that share postback option is ready out the box to be integrated with Cost2Profit. We have personally tested over 30+ affiliate networks across the World and Cost2profit always worked like a charm.

Cost2profit also works perfectly with Google Marketing Platform Search Ads 360 clickserver.

NO. Affiliate networks that do not have a postback service do not work with Cost2Profit, this includes Amazon affiliate program which do not share detailed conversion data, even with their own affiliate partners.

Other CMS integration

If you want to integrate a CMS platform other than WordPress please contact us for a quote of custom solution. The integration will require mutual cooperation. Cost2Profit has been developed in a way to be able to be integrated with any CMS in the World.