The great thing about Cost2Profit is that you can integrate with any affiliate network, which permits a postback submission. It is incredibly easy, and allows you to track the monetization of your traffic, from ads to conversion.

A postback is a piece of information whether a user converted after having clicked on your affiliate link.

How to set up a postback with an affiliate network?

Integration is fast and easy. You can accomplish it in two simple steps.

Step 1

Copy your affiliate link from the affiliate network, and paste it over in the URL field in the campaign. Remember to always add an empty parameter at the end of the URL.


An affiliate link is as follows:

Remember to add this empty parameter at the very end of the link. Each affiliate program should provide such an option. The actual naming of the parameter differs from one program to another. However, some of the popular parameters include the following: &epi= &uap= &ref1=

Step 2

In step 2, you need to set up a postback in your affiliate network

Log into your affiliate network to edit postback settings. You should be able to see parameters (data), which allow you to transmit postbacks. Cost2Profit can currently accept 3 parameters, as follows:

  • c2p – Cost2Profit identificator is transmitted in an empty parameter located at the end of your affiliate link, such as uap= lub epi= or ref1=
  • lid – conversion/lead identificator from the affiliate network
  • val – value of conversion (optional)

Paste the following URL in the postback edit field:

From there on, you need to match the parameters: lead ID to lead ID, Cost2Profit ID to an empty parameter of the affiliate network, value of the transaction to the value of the transaction (optional).

An example of an affiliate network postback could look like this:{id}&status={status}&c2p={epi}

Accordingly, the affiliate network will be passing on a post back with Cost2Profit ID, lead ID as well as the value of the transaction.

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