A Cost2Profit plugin will allow you to seamlessly empower your affiliate program with the Cost2Profit tracking power.

How to set up a Cost2Profit plugin on my wordpress site?

You should receive a Cost2Profit installation file (.zip) in a welcome email. Alternatively, you can download the file here.

After you download the file on your drive, go to your admin panel of the WordPress site.

Step 1: Click on Plugins on the left side and select “Add New.”

Step 2: Click on “Upload Plugin” near the top.

Step 3: Choose file with your Cost2Profit plugin.

Step 4: Hit “Install now.”

Step 5: After the installation is complete, find a “Cost2Profit” tab on the left navigation panel.

Step 6: Fill out the URL, Portal ID and Portal Key. The information needed here is in your Cost2Profit panel, under “My websites.”

Step 7: Select the relevant website and copy over Portal ID and Portal Key into a WordPress plugin.