Frequently asked questions

Cost2profit is highly advanced tracking SAAS software for online traffic conversion tracking. Here are the most common questions answered by our team.

Cost2Profit ™ is a SAAS online tracker built to track online conversions for WordPress users out of the box. In short Cost2profit enables to track online traffic and measure conversions (leads or sales). Cost2Profit is an online tool designed for affiliate websites who want to discover, monitor an optimize online ads. Cost2Profit data help boost conversions, cut unproductive ads and leverage profitable ads. All of that make Cost2Profit a necessary tool for online marketing campaigns.

Cost2Profit tracks online traffic from external sources through your website up to third party website where conversion takes place. That means Cost2Profit is a perfect tool for affiliate websites who want to discover, monitor an optimize online ads. Thanks to Cost2Profit data you can easily increase your conversion, cut unproductive ads and leverage profitable ads! It also helps optimize your landing pages and placement of affiliate links as you can make tests what layout on your website makes the greatest conversion.

Cost2Profit also offers live reports for your marketing partners. It helps to built your own multilevel sales funnels. When users click an ad (open an affiliate link) your partner can live view clicks, views and conversions. This helps your partner optimize ads instantly.

  • Cost2Profit is a powerful tool that helps boost your sales for a little subscription fee
  • Cost2profit helps you cut unproductive ads, monitor which bring you loss or profit
  • Cost2profit monitors source of your traffic from the first click of a link that is not even placed on your website. It can be email, banner ad, text link, social media and more.
  • Cost2profit is fully independent from Google, FB or any other Tech Giant so they do not know your sales funnels
  • WordPress ready after installation and set-up
  • Cost2Profit has an in-built anti abuse system for your affiliate partners
  • Cost2Profit has an in-built system to prevent your opponents from tracking your sales funnels
  • Cost2profit can measure source of traffic with CPC, lump sum or CPA models. Sales can be measured in CPC or CPA models.

Cost2profit is fully integrated with WordPress out of the box. Follow our tutorials beginning with installation on your website. Here you can see integrated WordPress plugins.

If your website works on other CMS than WordPress you can ask for quote for

In practice yes, however you can redirect your traffic from external ads to the affiliate landing page so you actually do not need your own landing page for users. A simple 5 minute WordPress website on your domain is enough to track the conversions of your traffic.

If you bought an external ad to bring traffic to your website you expect a traffic to be real especially if you pay for ads in CPC(cost per click) model. Cost2Profit can show you details of traffic so you can make your own analysis if traffic is real.

We advise at least a standard plan as you can serve many campaigns, have larger data retention and we install and set up your first campaign for free!

Any other questions? Contact our support team!